Celloglazing is a finishing process, where a fine plastic or film coating is heat bonded to the outside of your paper/ stock.
Celloglaze gives a smoother feeling to your product, also adds to the durability (longer wear and tear) for business cards, brochures,menus, folders, book covers.

Lionheart recommends celloglazing as particularly suitable if  your documents or cards have a lot of usage and especially if you want a high quality, finished look.

Available in Matt, Gloss and Heavy Matt.

  • Often referred to as “cello” there are benefits to both the matt and gloss options.
  • Matt cello is non-reflective and while it offers a silky, smooth finish, it can flatten out the colours in your printed piece.
  • If you are looking to be able to write on your business card or print project, then we recommend using the matt cello, as gloss is difficult to write on.
  • Matt cello complements well with a spot UV feature, which can be applied to design elements on your print piece after the cello has been applied
  • Gloss cello offers a clear and shiny finish that tends to brighten and enhance your colours.
  • Both options offer protection, strength and rigidness to your print project, allowing it to be more stronger / be able to stand upright. It’s a great option if your printed piece will be handled frequently or may encounter moisture.

Lionheart can also organise special finishes such as spot UV, foiling and die cutting for your business cards, brochures, folders and flyers.

Laminating Film

Laminating Film