Binding Services

Lionheart Offset Printers offer many different types of Binding Services.
Here are some binding style options:


Our Horizon Book Binder is an ‘all in one’ Saddle stitcher that can accommodate up to 80 Page book work.

This process allows multiple 4 page sections to be collated, folded, stitched and trimmed all in one pass.
The finished product is bound by staples through the centre of the spine of folded sheets and trimmed flush on 3 edges to produce the final product.

Saddle-stitching is commonly used for magazines, newsletters, catalogues and variety of similar style publications.

The Horizon Binder can also accommodate Side Stitch binding where is the staples are used to bind along the edge of collated flat leaves.

Spiral binding

A continuous wire or plastic coil is threaded through holes drilled or punched into a stack of sheets. Spiral binding is typically used for notebooks.

Wire Binding

Double loop wire binding coils, also known as Wire-O or Twin loop, is an excellent permanent binding choice that creates lie flat books, open or closed.
This style of binding allows books to open flat and turn 360 degrees.
Great for calendars, Recipe books, Journals, Notebooks and more…

Plastikoil Binding

Plastic spirals (plastic coil binding) for spiral binding are more robust than common wire binding and plastic comb binding.
Durable and strong yet flexible and light weight.

  • Pages won’t pull apart.
  • Coils don’t distort, crack, chip or have sharp edges to scratch or snag.
  • Great for documents that will be sent through the mail.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Bound books lay flat when opened.
  • Will fold back a full 360 degrees.

Comb Binding

This method uses round plastic spines with 21 rings for A4 size and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes.
Comb binding is sometimes referred to as plastic or spiral comb binding.
The benefit of this binding is the rings on the spine open and insert into the holes in the page, then rest against the body of the spine.
This results in a closure that can be opened again for making changes to a bound book.

Lionheart Offset Printing Wiro Binding Sample

Lionheart Offset Printing Wiro Binding Sample

Wiro Binding for printing image

Lionheart Offset Printing Plastic Comb Binding Sample

Lionheart Offset Printing Plastic Comb Binding Sample

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is the method used to bind paperbacks and thanks to technology you no longer need to order thousands in order to make it viable. Desktop versions mean you have small runs of even a few bound in this manner. Ideal for self-publishers, yearbooks, reports and manuals.

PUR Binding (Polyurethane Reactive)

A form of perfect binding, where the pages and cover are glued together at the spine.
Advantage with PUR is that it will last longer than other adhesives and will perform better on difficult type papers and boards.
PUR is the most durable book binding glue available.

Quarter Binding

A traditional binding method where the spine of a book is bound with hard covers using wire and cloth tape.
Popular for NCR where durability is required such as Docket Books, Invoice Books, Receipt Books, Ledgers and so forth..

Choice of standard colours can also be available on request.


Lionheart Offset Printing Quarter Binding Sample


Folding can deliver your product in a compact format of your original printed sheet.
Popular for single sheet printed requirements such as Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Newsletters, Mail Drops and Maps to name just a few.
Fold styles range from popular letter folds such as Tri Folding (3 panel Roll Fold) or Z Fold and Concertina,  4 Page Half Fold to 8 Page Double Gate style or Double Parallel.

Many other style of folding are available to complement your requirements such as Crash Folding and Map style Folds.

Lionheart Offset printing Folding sample

Lionheart Offset printing Folding sample

Lionheart Offset Printing folding diagram

Lionheart Offset Printing folding diagram


  • Guillotining
  • Drilling
  • Plastic Shrink Wrapping

For any further information on your next project, or to discuss the options we can offer please do not hesitate to call and ask us how we can help you.