Print Ready Artwork Specifications for Lionheart Offset Printing Projects:
Here is what is required for Artwork to be “print-ready” and therefore no further adjustments are required in-house, reducing costs.

We require PDF files created to print ready specifications. Colour images should be down-sampled to 300DPI. The PDF colour space should be four-colour CMYK, unless Spot colours are required. Bleed and trim marks included.

Please ensure that all fonts are embedded in the PDF document or make sure you convert fonts to outlines, to prevent any issues with fonts.

If there are any images within the document, they must be saved as CMYK , and no less than 300dpi, preferably in PSD, TIF or EPS to ensure quality.

Please specify if the job is to be printed in CMYK with/or spot colour etc
All spot colours need to be clearly specified.
Pantone (PMS) colours preferred.

Bleed, Trim Marks & Fold Lines
If your document has colour or images placed off the edge of the page, a 5 mm bleed is required.
Trim marks (use solid lines) are to be included, so the document can be trimmed to the desired size
If you require folding, please indicate by inserting fold lines (use dotted lines).
Trim marks and fold lines are to be set outside the print area.

To avoid additional costs to your printing please ensure that if you are providing us with print-ready artwork and that you have checked through the requirements as above.
If you’re unsure about whether or not your supplied art is print-ready, or you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 02 9695 1070.