Environmental Printing

Environmental Green Printing Picture imageLionheart Offset is a sustainable print partner that can help you measure and reduce the environmental printing impact of your business.
We find so many Australian businesses are actively looking for ways to conserve all the Planets resources – and Lionheart is proud to contribute!

How Lionheart Offset reduces our Environmental Impact

Where possible we use technologies and products that reduce our impact on the environment, including vegetable based inks & papers, made with sustainable forest management practices.
Just ask our staff about the range of paper stocks that are chlorine free and made from 100% post consumer waste.

Here are some of the ways we work towards sustainability in our environmental printing processes and use of materials:

Environmental Printing and Sustainable Paper Sourcing

All Lionheart Offset facilities use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification papers as our house stock
We also commit to help maximise the sustainability of our paper supply  by:

  • Using FSC certified paper as our standard house stock
  • Providing a range of paper options to our clients with a 50% or more Post-Consumer recycled content and encouraging (wherever possible) the use of these papers.
  • Providing a range of ‘low-impact’ papers,which includes paper stock that complies with the “Process Chlorine Free” (PCF) Standard


An important part of our water reduction strategy is no water use in the plate-development process and raising awareness of water conservation among our staff.
We believe we are now one of the most efficient water users in the industry. We have a 10,000 Litre water tank on site

Waste: Green printing and Recycling

At Lionheart Offset Printing we have worked hard on our waste stream management and we are proud of our achievements.
We separate all plastics, paper, aluminium, timber pallets and ink cartridges.
Using materials and managing our waste more effectively saves us thousands of dollars each year in expenses.
This allows us to offer our clients a higher quality product – at a lower cost to both the environment-  and to you!

Reduced Chemical Usage
We’ve focused on elimination and /or reduction of harmful solvents and chemicals over the years as part of our sustainability focus

Chemical Reduction
Lionheart have reduced our use of toxic volatile solvents by over 90%, replacing them instead with citrus-based alternatives.
Additionally, Lionheart Offset have reduced our supply chain greenhouse gas emissions via the production of these chemicals.

Computer-to-Plate technology
In 2003, Lionheart Offset introduced computer-to-plate (CTP) technology.
This has had a huge impact on our productivity and environmental performance over the last 13 years!
CTP eliminates the need for film (and associated chemistry) improves ‘make-ready’ time, machine time and labour costs for our clients as well.
Today our plates are all 100%  CTP technology.

Lionheart Offset – Your Partners in a sustainable future.