Digital Printing FAQ’s Checklist

Lionheart Offset has assembled a ‘Digital Printing FAQ’s Checklist’ to discuss the advantages and differences of Digital VS Offset Printing and answer a few key questions:

Q: Is Digital  the Right Fit For My Print Project?
A: Offset and Digital printing each have strengths that are specific to the requirements of the print project being processed.|
This checklist will help you in determining if digital is the right choice for your current print project.

Q: We need a really fast turn-around, we have a tight deadline
A: Digital printing allows for more speed and turn around times, but no matter what,Lionheart is dedicated to high level customer service- so we get the job done!

Q: I need smaller quantities for my print run-  Particularly, less than 250 pieces.
A: Runs higher than 250 usually become more cost-efficient on an Offset press

Q: My job needs a specialty or synthetic  paper / I have another unusual printing surface.
A: Digital printing can accommodate a range of unique surfaces
(Call our friendly Customer Service team on 02 83351600  for assistance)

Q:We need to print with white ink on a darker colour background
A: No Problem. Lionheart offers solutions for all your needs.

Q: WE need our colour closely matched but not as exacting as Pantone (PMS) Inks.
A: Digital printing can match your colours with precision, however if you need a specific Pantone Colour(s) most can be matched with digital, apart from a few colours such as vibrant greens and oranges.
In that case, you will need to look at Offset printing for an identical match up.

Q: We need to personalise each piece for our target market.
A: No problem Variable Data Printing iand Digital printing. We can work with you to customise your job, thereby increasing the impact of the campaign.]

Q: Our company want this file available for ‘on-demand’ printing.
A: No worries. Lionheart always has our client files to hand!
Digital printing allows you to print the items when you need them-  without having to store large runs.